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To learn squaredans is happiness, excercise and life quality

Square dance is United States national folkdance, and arose when the Europeans came to the United States in the 18th-19th century. They had each one their home country’s dance traditions. It was hard to dance together because everyone had learned their dances but not others. Quickly they realized that if you had someone who led the dance and through announcements told what would come next in the dance, suddenly everyone could dance along. This was the embryo of the modern Square dance.

Square dance is based on that the dancers learn small, short calls. A dance leader or Caller shouts or sings out the names of these short calls of various expected and unexpected combinations. Square dance is danced the same way all over the world and the common language is English. You need not, however, be able to know English in order to learn to dance. There are Square dance clubs all over Sweden and if you want to find a club near you can find one by this map.


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